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A selection of comments from some of our students.


Silvia (Brazil)

I’m Silvia, I have been studying English with Rich since July and I love it because our lesson is usually free conversation and after that Rich write down my mistakes, I find it really nice, I learn more when I can see my mistakes.

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Andrea (Italy)

I would suggest everybody to study English with Rich for a very simple reason…it works! I think that one of his greatest achievement was to make me feel 100% confident on my English skills. When we started our lessons I wasn’t able to express myself without thinking twice at every word and feeling constantly worried about making mistakes. Now that I’m conscious about my skills, I’m able to speak English fluently and to use it everyday, especially at work. I loved his lessons because they were built specifically on my needs and interests, whatever it was finding another job or understanding the English culture.

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Alejandra (Colombia)

I had studied general English and IELTS with Rich. He is a very dedicated teacher who encourages students to improve their learning skills in different ways. In my experience, he had helped me to increase my confidence with my speaking and gave me the most important tips to make better my writing and general academic skills. I found it very useful when I took my IELTS test. I have got 7 and it made me so proud of having Rich as a teacher.

Nate (Thailand)

Nate (Thailand)

My one-to-one tuition with Rich was a great experience in learning English. He always know what I really need to improve and absolutely he knows how to get me to the next level creatively. On top of that, Rich will always encourage you to go further in English world. Believe me,you will find studying with him is an unforgettable moment!

Axel (Germany)

"I started one-to-one lessons with Rich more than one year ago. It became clear to me that English is not an easy  language at all. Rich has a very pragmatic way to identify areas for improvement in a dialogue based on which he builds really helpful exercises. I like his structured approach to help me expanding my vocabulary, grammar and mostly my pronunciation. I can recommend Rich to anyone who would like to learn or improve their English with a very competent and nice teacher".

Joanna (Poland)

Hello, my name is Joanna, and I’m Polish. I am pleased to tell you a few words about Richard as he used to be my teacher for a few years. I found him to be very professional and reliable. My classes with Richard were all very interesting. He imparts knowledge in a very good way, and he’s really focused and passionate on what he does.

I have to admit that my English considerably improved after years of English lessons with him, which helped me take on a new and better role in my workplace as I can now communicate with people more. It gave me the confidence that I need and am no longer afraid to talk to people. I highly recommend Richard to anyone who would like to improve their English language and lead a better life.

Jacqueline (Italy)

My journey with This is English started a year ago, when I was applying for a course at university. My English wasn’t good enough to get the credentials needed to pass IELTS, so I decided to seek some help from someone more experienced. Therefore I attended some classes  and after 3 lessons, confidence and positivity became my most powerful tool for learning. For each session I was attending, academic progresses and personal confidence become my strongest motivations.

So far my English has considerably improved and I also managed to pass IELTS and access the course that I’ve chosen; striking all my goals!


Sonia (Spain)

I started the lessons with This is English a couple of years ago and ​they really helped me to improve my confidence and correct very old mistakes. I highly recommend these lessons because they are totally customised, not only in terms of language level but also to suit your schedule and location. The great thing is that as the lessons are very dynamic -  the time is flying so the learning process is always fun and easy."

Ricardo (Argentina)

I have been studying English with This is English for three years. They have creative teachers who can easily identify the topics that can be interesting for the students in order to conduct conversations in a natural way. By combining the exact dose of grammar with new words, idioms and information about British culture, the lessons are very dynamic.